It Depends or It's Depend?

It Depends or It's Depend?

Wrong: Can we go to the beach today?

It's depend in the weather.

Right: Can we go to the beach today?

It depends on the weather.

Rule: In English, the word, "depend," is not an adjective (תואר). You are probably used to hearing: it's nice, it's beautiful, (adjectives), but we don't say, "It's depend" because depend is a verb (פועל) - it acts like a regular verb. For example, depend is just like the word, work. We say, it works, she works, etc. (not, it's work or she's work). So we also say, it depends, she depends, (not, it's depend, she's depend).

Rule: After the word, depend, we always use the preposition (מלת יחס) - ON.

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