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  • Business English Training

  • English Coffee Hour 

  • Private Lessons

                  Business English Training  

                        Practical and Relevant

  Courses and Workshops 
  • Business Conversation and Speaking Improvement

  • Grammar Review / Vocabulary Enrichment

  • Useful Tips and Business Expressions

  • Small Talk Skills

  • Presentation Training and Simulation

  • Conference Call Tips and Practice

  • E-mail Writing and Written Communication


  Flexibilty for Your Convenience
  • On-site training at your place of business (or elsewhere)

  • Groups and one-on-one instruction

  • Flexible number of lessons and length of each lesson

  • Customized program to serve the needs and goals of each client

  • All participants personally screened to ensure accurate levels

  • Special Service – E-mail corrections on "real" e-mails for course participants

English Coffee Hour 


Join a group or bring some friends and
improve your English!


Now you have a great opportunity to speak and improve your English without having to sit in a classroom or travel far from home.  


You can get together with a small group over a cup of coffee and talk about things that interest you – while learning new expressions, new words, and finally having a chance to correct your grammar.  All levels offered.


 It's fun…it's interesting…it builds your confidence…       
Private English Lessons   
Study one-on-one - according to
your own goals and schedule.
Have you always wanted to solve the specific English problems that have been bothering YOU for such a long time? Maybe you don't know English at all?
Now you can do something about it - when and where you want.  A patient, friendly and professional teacher will help you boost your confidence, learn new words and expressions, and get rid of all those embarrassing grammar mistakes so you can speak more freely and fluently.   
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