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  •   Proofreading and Editing 
  •   Video Web Presenter for Internet Sites
  •   Voice-overs


Proofreading and Editing 

of E-mails and Presentations


Save yourself from embarrassment!


You've written that important e-mail and are just about to press "send."  You've just put the finishing touches on your presentation and are about to put it on the screen. You've even gone over it a few times...just to make sure.  


Trust me....I've discovered errors that clients have missed and helped save them from embarrassment. 




Video Web Presenter
for Internet Sites


What better way to stand out from your competition than having a real person walk out on the pages of your web site to talk to your site’s visitors! Using a video presenter can make a real impact on your customers. Take a look at one of my presentations. 

Voice-overs (Narration) in English
As a native English speaker from the United States (Midwest), along with my background in public speaking, I have extensive experience as a voice-over artist, narrating  a variety of  English texts and software programs, including:
  • Business and professional English programs
  • Instructional English for schools
  • Simulations in English – radio interviews, dialogues, commercials, etc.  
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